Law and Order
Law and Order
Jesse Rollins
Name Jesse Rollins
Family Amanda Rollins (mother)
Declan Murphy (father)
Olivia Benson (godmother)
Dominick Carisi, Jr. (godfather)
Beth Anne Rollins (maternal grandmother)
Jim Rollins (maternal grandfather)
Amberlynn Rollins (step-grandmother)
Kim Rollins (maternal aunt)
Billie Rollins (half-sister)
Mason Rollins (cousin)
Status Alive
Actor Charlotte Cabell
Vivian Cabell
First Appearance "Catfishing Teacher"

Jesse Rollins is the illegitimate daughter of Detective Amanda Rollins and Lieutenant Declan Murphy.


Amanda gave birth to Jesse after suffering extremely difficult labor in which Amanda suffered a near-fatal placental abruption. (SVU: "Depravity Standard")

Amanda and Carisi walked down the streets with Jesse in a pram. When Jesse started crying, Carisi comforted her. (SVU: "Catfishing Teacher")

Benson, Noah, Carisi, Amanda, and Jesse rode a carousel. Carisi snapped pictures of Benson, Amanda, Noah, and Jesse enjoying themselves. (SVU: "Fashionable Crimes")

Carisi held Jesse while both he and Amanda watched the reality show Heart's Desire at Amanda's house. (SVU: "Assaulting Reality")

Jesse was babysat by her aunt Kim while Amanda worked, despite Amanda's fears about Kim's ability to properly babysit. (SVU: "Heightened Emotions")

When Ron Duca printed a false article about Amanda and Benson's parentage, Amanda sent Jesse with Lucy Huston to stay with Lucy's mother while she investigated the current case. (SVU: "Real Fake News")

Amanda and Jesse, along with the rest of the Special Victims Unit, went to visit Benson and Noah at Benson's apartment. (SVU: "Gone Baby Gone")

Jesse and Amanda spent some time together after a case. (SVU: "Pathological")

Benson showed Amanda a video of Jesse when Amanda was unsure about whether she should keep her second child. (SVU: "Man Down")

Amanda was serving Jesse dinner when Al Pollack visited the house. He spotted Jesse and introduced himself to her. (SVU: "Zero Tolerance")

After her sister Billie was born, Jesse said she loved her new sister. (SVU: "A Story of More Woe")

Jesse attended Billie's baptism along with Noah, Amanda, and the rest of the Special Victims Unit. (SVU: "The Burden Of Our Choices")

When Amanda was kidnapped by Frank Bucci, Jesse was distressed about her mother's well-being and asked Benson where she was. After Amanda's ordeal was resolved, she reunited with Jesse and Billie and read them a book. (SVU: "Must Be Held Accountable")

Jesse, Billie, and Amanda were walking in the park when Amanda rang Benson to let her know she would be late for work due to a doctor's appointment. (SVU: "Eternal Relief From Pain")

When Carisi came to celebrate New Year's Eve with Amanda and Jesse, Jesse was excited to see Carisi and gave him a hug. (SVU: "Sightless in a Savage Land")

Jesse was stalked by a psychopath named Henry Mesner, who had several pictures of her on his phone. He later met Jesse at the park and gave her a teddy bear which belonged to one of his victims, which frightened and angered Amanda who warned Henry not to come near or stalk her family again. (SVU: "Post-Graduate Psychopath")