Jesse Sturgis
Yvonne zima svu
Name Jesse Sturgis
Occupation Pharmacist
Pathology Alleged murderer
Family Matthew Sturgis (son)
Status Alive
Actor Yvonne Zima
First Appearance Beautiful Frame

Jessica "Jesse" Sturgis is a woman who was raped and falsely accused of murder by a dirty cop named Michael Provo.


After arguing with her boyfriend Tommy, Jesse has a girl's night but when her friends have all left she calls Michael Provo (who she had been seeing on the side whenever Tommy got violent). But Provo's wife called him, which caused Jesse to find out that he is married and has kids. After discovering that he has a family Jesse tries to break it off with him but that causes Michael to get mad and he then beats and rapes her. After he has assaulted her he tells her that he is a cop and she would regret pressing charges. When Olivia and Nick questioned her she was to scared to say it was Provo so she says that a black person did it. When her boyfriend Tommy comes, she and him wanted her to go home but the Detectives make her stay so the doctor can make sure she is ok. After some more questioning she finally admits that Provo is the one who beat and raped her and she was afraid to press charges because he was a cop.

Long after Jesse's boyfriend Tommy calls her asking her to met him but when she gets there, he is dead. Then the police barge in and arrest her on the spot. The SVU Detectives and Barba go to her to try and support her. The DA has her remanded without bail much to his disappointment. Eventually it is revealed that Tommy's murder was a conspiracy to get Jesse arrested for murder so he would not be prosecuted for her rape. When the conspiracy is discovered, both Barba and the Suffolk DA withdraws the charges but Provo is then arrested for multiple counts of conspiracy and murder. Jesse is released and is disappointed that the rape charges she filed were withdrawn but is still relieved that she can go home with her son. (SVU: "Beautiful Frame")

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