Jim Rollins
Name Jim Rollins
Pathology Drug addict
Family Beth Anne Rollins (ex-wife)
Unnamed fiancé
Amanda Rollins (daughter)
Kim Rollins (daughter)
Jesse Rollins (granddaughter)
Billie Rollins (granddaughter)
Mason Rollins (grandson)
Status Alive
Actor James Morrison
First Appearance "Eternal Relief From Pain"

Jim Rollins is the father of Detective Amanda Rollins.


Jim called Amanda one day and asked her to come to his wedding to another woman, which Amanda had mixed feelings about. (SVU: "Can't Be Held Accountable")

When his other daughter Kim was facing prison time, Jim came to help her out and reunite with both of his daughters. However, Amanda rebuffed his attempts at affection and made it clear to him that she did not forgive him for abandoning the family.

Eventually, Amanda relented and allowed her father to stay in her apartment. However, Jim soon overdosed on drugs and alcohol, and he was subsequently hospitalized. This scared Kim into going clean and agreeing to serve time in prison. (SVU: "Eternal Relief From Pain")

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