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Jiya Alexander
Jiya alexander.jpg
Name Jiya Alexander
Affiliation Office of Dr. Neil Alexander, D.D.S.
Occupation Anesthetist nurse
Pathology Accomplice to rape
Proxy rapist
Family Neil Alexander (husband)
Marcy Davis (sister-in-law)
Luke Davis (brother-in-law)
Jenna Davis (neice)
Status Unknown
Actor Gayatri Bahl
First Appearance Decaying Morality

Jiya Alexander is an anesthetist nurse who helped her husband, Dr. Neil Alexander, rape teenage girls.


At some unknown point Jiya and Neil got married and when she started working for him, she would drug young girls so he could rape them and would guard to door while he did so because she loved him. Whenever one of the girls remembered that Neil Alexander raped them, he would pay them off to keep them quit. Eventually she drugged her niece Jenna Davis, who she had known since she was a child, while she was getting her teeth checked so her husband could rape her too. Later on when detectives Nick Amaro and Dominick Carisi, Jr. go to question Neil about Jenna's rape and he introduces them to Jiya. After the detectives question her husband, they ask Jiya is anyone could steal the drugs, she tells them that the drugs they use are kept locked and when they ask her if the pills could have been taken by accident by anyone she says yes and implies that Jenna Davis stole the pill because she's a teenager.

When a journalist named Jimmy MacArthur prints an article about how Alexander raped many teenage girls, many of Neil's victims came forward to reveal to the SVU detectives how they were sexually assaulted. After Jenna says that Neil raped her, he and Jiya hold a press conference claiming that he is innocent. Eventually after Jenna helped trick Neil into admitting that he raped her, he's arrested for multiple counts of rape. Jiya isn't seen afterwards, leaving her fate unclear. (SVU: Decaying Morality)