Joanne Parsons
Joanne Parsons
Name Joanne Parsons
Title Headmistress
Affiliation Millicent Fawcett School
Occupation Headmistress of Millicent Fawcett School
Pathology Alleged rapist
Status Alive
Actor Jane Adams
First Appearance "Learning Curve"

Joanne Parsons was the headmistress of Millicent Fawcett School, who had a former romance with Natalie Relais.


When Joanne had caught Natalie having sex with Luca Gabardelli, Natalie had Luca frame Rick Simms for molesting him which led to Rick getting sodomized and brutalized. When the police were not buying Luca's rape claim on Rick, Natalie told Luca to frame Joanne for rape and she gave Luca information to reenforce the claim by telling him about a book that she and Joanne use to read and about a scar on Joanne's upper inner leg.

The police, believing Joanne had raped Luca due to the large amount of proof Luca had arrested Joanne. However, it was discovered that Luca was lying about being raped so his relationship with Natalie could be protected. When the detectives realized this, they released Joanne. (SVU: "Learning Curve ")

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