Jocelyn Paley
Anna chlumsky svu
Name Jocelyn Paley
Occupation Author
Family Unnamed parents
Actor Anna Chlumsky
First Appearance "Twenty-Five Acts"

Jocelyn Paley is an author who took credit for writing an S&M romance novel, and who was raped twice by Adam Cain.


After appearing on Adam Cain's talk show, Jocelyn goes out to dinner with Adam where she discreetly takes off her panties and hands them to him. After that, they go to Adam's apartment where the two of them are kissing each other. Adam has Jocelyn get down on the bed on all fours and whips her with his belt. When Jocelyn tells him to stop, Adam takes the belt and begins to choke her. As Jocelyn struggles to breathe, Adam tells her that she doesn't tell him what to do and proceeds to sexually assault her.

The next morning, Jocelyn's handler, Sara Palmero, takes Jocelyn to the emergency room and calls 911 after finding Jocelyn in her hotel room, crying, with blood on her nightgown, bruised and a mark on her neck. While Jocelyn is being treated for her injuries, she is reluctant to tell Olivia and Amanda about the rape, but Amanda is able to convince her to have a rape kit done. Olivia then gives Jocelyn her card so that Paley can call Olivia for when she is ready to press charges.

While at a party to celebrate Jocelyn's book, Adam shows up and makes a toast to her which freaks Jocelyn out and she quickly exits the party. While in the elevator, Adam corners Jocelyn and asks her if she talked to the police and ends up raping her again. After the second attack, Jocelyn tells Olivia what happened to her and that she's ready to press charges against Adam Cain. Cain and his defense try to use the S&M book to claim that Jocelyn wanted what happened in his house. Detective Amaro goes to Jocelyn's old college to find the guy she experimented sexually and discover that one of Jocelyn's female teachers wrote the book because she was a teacher and she couldn't have her name be associated with the S&M book and asked Jocelyn to take credit for writing it.

When the detectives tell Jocelyn they know she didn't write the book, she asks them not to tell anyone, but they have a legal obligation to inform the defense. Jocelyn says she wants to drop the charges, but Barba informs her that even if she drops the charges, the world will still know and threatens to charge her with perjury. When the defense hears of this information, they try to use this fact to portray Jocelyn as a liar and claim that her rape allegations are false, but Barba is able to prove that Adam is guilty and he is convicted of rape.

Outside the courthouse, Jocelyn is still disappointed that her career is ruined, but Barba tells her that America loves a comeback. (SVU: "Twenty-Five Acts")