Joe Boyd
Name Joe Boyd
Pathology Domestic abuser
Family Lina Vasquez-Boyd (wife)
Unnamed ex-wife
Unborn child (fathered with Lina)
Status Alive
First Appearance "I Deserve Some Loving Too" (mentioned only)

Joe Boyd is the abusive husband of Lina Vasquez-Boyd.

History[edit | edit source]

At some point Joe met a woman named Lina Vasquez while he was on vacation in Guatemala, he danced with Lina and shooped for her and fell in love with her. So Joe decided to marry Lina, they went to ICE Agent Rory O'Toole to show that their marriage was legitimate. However, unknowing to Joe, Agent O'Toole forced Lina to let him have sex with her or he would deport her and put her in ICE prison. Joe and Lina would live a somewhat normal life but Joe would have fits of rage sometimes where he would abuse Lina, this led to the latter being afraid of him.

Lina would be visited by Detectives Benson and Tamin and she told the detectives that she wanted to testify aginst Agent O'Toole but feared how Joe would react as his previous wife was caught cheating on him, because of this Lina refused to testify. Later on, Lina is babysitting a boy named Sebastian when Detective Benson returns in hopes of convincing her to testify against Agent O'Toole but Lina tells Detective Benson that she didn't want to testify because she was afraid that Joe would freak out as he was starting to get nosy. Detective Benson realizes that Joe was abusing Lina and tells Lina that she could divorce Joe and still be a United States citizen if she testified against Agent O'Toole, Lina accepts this deal.

However, Lina backs up from divorcing Joe and testifying against Agent O'Toole as she is pregnant and refuses to leave Joe as she does not want her baby growing up without a father. (SVU: "I Deserve Some Loving Too")

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