Joe Ellery
Name Joe Ellery
Occupation Former judge
Pathology Statutory rapist
Corrupt judge
Family Unnamed wife
Status Imprisoned
Permanently disbarred
Actor Rocco Sisto
First Appearance "Can't Be Held Accountable"
Last Appearance "Must Be Held Accountable"

Joe Ellery is a corrupt judge and a statutory rapist.


Ellery dismissed the rape charges against Steve Getz on the grounds that Getz mistakenly believed the victims, Ivy and Milly Bucci, were old enough to consent and that Getz did not know their true ages. (SVU: "Can't Be Held Accountable")

After Ivy and Milly's father Frank kidnapped Detective Rollins, an investigation was opened as to why Ellery dismissed the charges. It was discovered that Getz had footage of Ellery having sex with a seventeen-year-old girl, which he used as leverage against Ellery. After being arrested by the Special Victims Unit, Ellery agreed to go undercover to catch Getz.

After a sting operation in which Ellery wore a wire, Getz and his accomplices were arrested and imprisoned along with Ellery, who was also permanently disbarred for his actions. (SVU: "Must Be Held Accountable")

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