Joel Mayder
Name Joel Mayder
Pathology Convicted child molester
Alleged kidnapper
Family Unnamed brother
Two unnamed nieces
Status Deceased
Actor Uncredited
First Appearance "Blast"

Joel Mayder was a registered sex offender and a suspect in the kidnapping of Carly Hunter.


Mayder previously served time at Sing Sing for molesting two nieces and a girl living next door. However, his parole officer, Craig Lennon, assumed there were more victims. After being released, he began stalking girls, hoping to find the perfect one, and wrote about his search on his laptop. He was collared for sitting in a car parked next to an elementary school, which Carly attended.

After Carly was kidnapped, suspicion fell on Mayder, and Lennon and Detective Elliot Stabler went to his apartment to arrest him. However, he fled to the rooftop, pursued by Stabler, and came across a ledge. Left with no other alternative, Mayder jumped across the ledge to another rooftop, and although he grabbed it, he lost his grip and fell to the alleyway below to his death. Daniel Hunter, Carly's older brother, was later identified as Carly's true kidnapper. (SVU: "Blast")

Known Victims

  • Two unnamed nieces (both molested)
  • Unnamed girl (molested)
  • Several unnamed girls (all stalked)
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