John Conway
Name John Conway
Pathology Child molester
Child abuser
Proxy murderer
Family Molly Conway (wife)
Sam Conway (son)
Brian Conway (son)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Dylan Walsh
First Appearance "Man Up"
Last Appearance "Man Down"
John Conway is a child abuser who sexually and physically abused his son Sam, which led him to shoot up his school.


John was an abusive man who had toxic opinions about what masculinity meant. After several years of sexually abusing his son, the Special Victims Unit was brought in to investigate. Later, after the SVU pursued dead ends, John's wife reveals to the detectives that she saw John molesting Sam. John is arrested, but is later set free, resulting in a traumatized Sam shooting his fellow classmates at school. An upset Peter Stone pushes to charge John with criminally negligent homicide. This tactic is a success, as John is convicted and sent to prison.

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