John Flynn
Name John Flynn
Title Detective
Affiliation NYPD
Division Anti-Drug Task Force
Precinct 116th Precinct
Occupation Police officer
Pathology Murderer
Family Unnamed wife
Unnamed child
Status Deceased
Actor Kevin Conway
First Appearance "Corruption"

Detective John Flynn was an officer of the NYPD. He had worked with Lennie Briscoe in the early 1990s.


Lennie and Flynn worked together as partners at the 116th Precinct. During their time working together, they made a major drug bust through arresting a man named Hector Garcia. But the charges did not hold up after Garcia bribed Flynn to make the drugs disappear. To this end he enlisted a patrolman, Officer Dave Spence, to steal the drugs from lock-up. The charges against Garcia were dismissed without prejudice and this incident led to Flynn starting to work for Garcia from within the NYPD. Flynn's new partner, Detective Kenny Edwards, becomes Flynn's partner in crime working for Garcia.


In 1996, Flynn arranged to go on an undercover operation with Briscoe and his partner Reynaldo Curtis supposedly to arrest a dealer named Reuben Morales. During the operation, Morales was killed by Flynn after Flynn screamed "Gun", though no one else saw Morales pull his gun. It was later found that Flynn had requested Briscoe's presence as, due to their history together, he knew Briscoe would back him up. Suspicions by Curtis led to the discovery that Flynn had killed Morales at the behest of Garcia, and Flynn was arrested.

Before action could be taken against him by or a deal made with EADA Jack McCoy, Flynn made a deal with the Hellman Commission to give testimony about corruption in the NYPD. The deal included the loss of Flynn's pension, though no jail time, which outraged McCoy as he would thus be unable to get Flynn to give up Garcia for arrest and prosecution. Judge Lawrence Hellman, commission chair, stated such a deal was worth it to get Flynn's testimony about other corrupt officers.

Flynn gave testimony indicating that Lennie Briscoe was involved with the missing drugs arising from the original arrest of Garcia, which resulted in Garcia's walking on the charges. To prove his innocence, Briscoe met Flynn in a church wearing a wire where he got Flynn to admit that he lied with his testimony. DA Adam Schiff played the recording for Judge Hellman who subsequently issued a mea culpa exonerating Briscoe. The false testimony by Flynn also voided his deal with the Commission and would result in his imprisonment.

Flynn committed suicide to preclude his being arrested for perjury as well as for the violation of his deal with the Hellman Commission. The status of Hector Garcia remains unknown.