John Hawkins
Name John Hawkins
Affiliation NYPD
Division Manhattan South Homicide Squad
Occupation Police officer
Status Alive
Actor David Keith
First Appearance Redemption

John "Hawk" Hawkins is a detective in the New York City Police Department. In 1983 he acquired a measure of fame for collaring Roger Berry, who was believed to be the Soho Strangler. When the real Strangler resurfaced 18 years later, Hawk teamed up with Detective Elliot Stabler to track him down.

Stabler considers Hawkins to be a cowboy cop. He often considers him a grand-stander, and has nicknamed him "Wyatt Earp." Other police officers know him for being an alcoholic. As it turns out the real culprit was Arthur Blessard, who Hawk previously went to and framed Berry. With help from Stabler, Hawk pursued Arthur. Hawk had chased Blessard, Hawks nearly let Blessard fall from the roof but was persuaded to save him by Stabler. (SVU: "Redemption")

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