Jonah Dekker
Name Jonah "Joe" Dekker
Title Deputy District Attorney
Affiliation Los Angeles District Attorney's Office
Occupation Lawyer
Family Dwight Talcott (cousin)
Lorna Talcott (aunt)
Status Alive
Actor Terrence Howard
First Appearance "Echo Park"
Last Appearance "Van Nuys"

Jonah Dekker is a lawyer.


Called "Joe", Dekker is a new Deputy District Attorney who worked alongside D.D.A. Morales. He and Morales will be splitting the workload, each appearing in roughly half the episodes. In a case where he takes the murder of two children personal, Dekker mentions he has at least 100 convictions out of all the cases he's tried in his career. When Winters' wife is called by the defense to testify in a case where an ex-con murders her cell mate, and it's believed that Casey coerced the woman to say she murdered her children by arson (that being false), Dekker immediately objects to Casey Winters being called, claiming her testimony is not relevant; the judge allowed her testimony.

After Hardin glared at Dekker from the back of the courtroom. Dekker said that the people will stipulate that as a result of evidentiary mistakes and prosecutorial misconduct, that Dillon was wrongly convicted and did not kill her children and if not for that conviction she would have never been in prison with her cell mate. The defense accepts it and Casey is excused. One of Dekker's old law school classmates, Sarah Goodwin, defends a case where an oil crew worker was murdered by his female boss. In an open restaurant where they both went to after school (and Dekker after court cases) Dekker tells her 'they just didn't click' after she asked him why he never asked her for help in their law school classes but asked a male friend of theirs. Dekker assuming she was implying he was being sexist.

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