Law and Order
Law and Order
Jordie Black
Jordie Black.jpg
Name Jordie Black
Affiliation Twisted Strands
Occupation Musician
Pathology Alleged murderer
Alleged pedophile
Family Tara Black (wife)
Milo Rhodes (son with Sylvia)
Status Alive
Actor Michael Massee
First Appearance "Reunion"

Jordie Black is a famous rock star who became a suspect in the murder of his neighbor and longtime friend Sylvia Rhodes.


Jordie is a rock star who years before had a deep friendship with fellow star and later TV celebrity Sylvia Rhodes, however Sylvia becomes angered after finding out her son Milo was entering Jordie's band and tries to stop it. This behavior leads to the police suspecting he might be a pedophile and is abusing Milo. However it turns out his wife Tara is the one sleeping with the boy and is Sylvia's killer. Upon arrest Tara reveals a surprising secret: Milo is actually Jordie's son. (CI: "Reunion")