Jose Menendez
Name Jose Menendez
Pathology Child abuser
Child molester
Family Kitty Menendez (wife; deceased)
Erik Menendez (son)
Lyle Menendez (son)
Status Deceased
Actor Carlos Gomez
First Appearance "True Crime: Episode 1"
Last Appearance "True Crime: Episode 6"

Jose Menendez was the father of Erik and Lyle Menendez. He was murdered by his sons, along with his wife Kitty, in 1989.


Jose sexually abused and beat his sons from a young age until they were adults, with Kitty doing nothing about it despite her knowledge of the abuse. Eventually, Erik and Lyle snapped and ultimately murdered him and Kitty. The murders received massive media attention, and eventually, his sons were convicted seven years later in 1996.


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