Joseph Edelman
Name Joseph Edelman
Pathology Murderer
Family Rose Edelman (mother; deceased)
Benjamin Edelman (brother)
Status Deceased
Actor Judd Hirsch
First Appearance "Alta Kockers"

Joseph Edelman is an elderly man who was sexually abused by a camp counselor as a child. He carried this secret for many years, not even telling his younger brother Benjamin about it, though he did not know that his brother was also a victim of abuse.

After detectives searched the Edelman home, they discovered the frozen body of Joe and Ben's mother Rose, who had been smothered to death with a pillow. Joe eventually confessed in court to killing her since she was in constant pain from cancer, but suffered a heart attack before he could be ultimately charged. He later died in the hospital. (SVU: "Alta Kockers")

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