Joseph Krolinsky
Name Joseph Krolinsky
Title Insurance accounts manager
Former priest
Affiliation Dominion Life Insurance
Catholic Church (former)
Pathology Pedophile
Serial statutory rapist
Serial child molester
Family Kate Krolinsky (wife)
Unnamed son
Unnamed daughter
Status Imprisoned
Actor Bill Raymond
First Appearance "Bad Faith"

Joseph Krolinsky is a former Catholic priest with a long history of sexually abusing young boys. Mike Logan was one of his victims.


Krolinsky was a priest in Logan's parish in the 1960s, and molested dozens of boys, including Logan and his friend Billy Marino. Krolinsky was caught several times, but rather than turn him over to the police, his superiors buried the scandal by sending him to treatment centers and moving him from parish to parish, enabling him to abuse more boys. In the early 1980s, he left the priesthood and started working at an insurance company. He eventually married and had two children.

In 1995, Logan and his partner Lennie Briscoe investigate Marino's apparent murder and discover that Marino had been blackmailing Krolinsky, while urging his other victims to come forward. Logan and Briscoe arrest Krolinsky for sexual abuse, and Jack McCoy and Claire Kincaid plan to charge him with conspiracy to molest children in order to bypass the statute of limitations.

The case hits a snag, however, when McCoy and Kincaid discover that, in the 1960s, Krolinsky had manipulated Marino into supplying him with boys to abuse. They also learn that Marino had actually committed suicide, unable to live with the shame of what he had done. Krolinsky's lawyer claims that Marino was his "pimp", and that the money Krolinsky gave him was payment for "services rendered", meaning that a conspiracy charge would not stand up in court. Logan is forced to testify about Marino's actions, putting the case against Krolinsky in jeopardy.

However, Kincaid discovers that Krolinsky had also molested his own son a few years before, meaning that his "conspiracy" was ongoing and he could still be charged. McCoy threatens Krolinsky with a life sentence, and gets him to accept a plea bargain of 15 years in prison for 19 counts of aggravated sexual abuse in the first degree.

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