Joshua Hensley
Name Joshua Hensley
Occupation Therapist
Pathology Serial rapist
Sexual assailant
Status Imprisoned
Actor T.J. Thyne
First Appearance "Dearly Beloved"

Joshua Hensley is a therapist who raped several of his clients.


Joshua was in the process of getting married to a woman named Lana Stallworth when one of his clients, Kitty Bennett, who was in the church, spoke up and said that Joshua had raped her. Through further investigation, it is discovered that Joshua had impregnated Kitty whilst raping her. Joshua tells the Special Victims Unit that the sex that he and Kitty had was consensual and that Kitty had handed him a key to his apartment. Surveillance footage shows Joshua arriving at Kitty’s apartment, before the two share a romantic kiss. Kitty says that he raped her and when Kitty told Joshua she was going to the police, Joshua convinced her she had a disorder called erotic rape fantasy disorder. This left Kitty vulnerable and she invited Joshua to her apartment. Later, Kitty goes to Joshua and Lana’s apartment and holds Joshua hostage with a broken glass bottle and threatens to kill him. Lana screams to do it, then confesses she was raped by Joshua as well. The detectives are able to convince Kitty to let him go. Back at the precinct, Lana tells the detectives that she was raped by Joshua after looking at listings together. As a result, Joshua is imprisoned.

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