Judith Siper
Judith Siper
Name Judith Siper
Title Captain (2006-present)
Sergeant (????-????)
Affiliation NYPD
Division Crime Scene Unit
Occupation Police officer
Family Unnamed son
Status Alive
Actor Caren Browning
First Appearance "Dominance"
Last Appearance "Delinquent"

Captain Judith "Judy" Siper is a member of the New York City Police Department's Crime Scene Unit.

Siper was first seen wearing a Captain's badge in "Influence" and her rank was officially confirmed in "Signature".


  • Siper examined the footprints from a serial killer and found trace evidence. The combination of wood, plant seeds, and fertilizer showed that the killer worked at a home improvement store.
  • Siper investigated the crime scene of Joe Cappilla, and reconstructed what happened from the shoe patterns from Joe's sneakers and heel impressions from Cheryl. She concludes that Joe shoved Cheryl backwards hitting the window and Cheryl grabbed the vase and bashed it over his head and banged his head again on the bathroom tub.
  • The Vanessa Bevins case (SVU: "Grief")
  • Siper dusted the gun used to kill Vanessa Bevins and only lifted Vanessa's prints from the barrel of the gun. Unable retrieve prints from handle because of wooden texture, found a greasy substance on the weapon that she concludes isn't gun oil and found the registered owner's name: Marvin Kligman. Detective Stabler called Spier to find out what the unknown substance was immediately and eventually determines it has three components: lanolin, talc and cured tobacco. From this Spier concludes Vanessa carried the gun in her purse and a gun shot residue test confirmed that Vanessa killed herself.
  • The Emily Sullivan case (SVU: "Mean")
  • Detectives Benson and Stabler talked to Siper during their investigation into the death of sixteen-year-old Emily Sullivan. She related the unit's findings to them. CSU concluded that the killer is most likely a fake blond.
  • Siper investigated the crime scene of Corinne Nicholson, and found seminal fluids next to her body.


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