Law and Order
Law and Order
Julia Lonegan
Name Julia Lonegan
Occupation Maid (formerly)
Family Megan Lonegan (daughter)
Unnamed husband (deceased)
Status Alive
Actor Mary Jo Deschanel
First Appearance "Day"

Julia Lonegan is an ex-maid of socialite Eleanor Duvall and the first rape victim of Eleanor's savant on Gabriel Duvall.


Julia was a maid under Eleanor's employment until she filled in for nanny Ava Vilka when Gabriel need to be bathed. Gabriel would always get erections in baths and Vilka would say to let them shrink on their own or his genitals would fall off if he fondled himself. When Gabriel got erect again, he begged Julia to make his erection go away. Because she didn't know what to do and Gabriel wasn't satisfied, she was raped by Gabriel.

Julia reported the rape to Eleanor, but she held Julia accountable and found her son "the victim" instead. Eleanor called her a "whore" and paid her for her silence before firing her, Gabriel observing the whole altercation. What neither of them knew is Gabriel impregnated her with her daughter, Megan. She gave birth to her and never told her the truth for years, instead remarrying and hoping Megan would always know her husband as Megan's father, especially after he died.

When Gabriel was placed on trial for the rape of Nina Zergin, Julia was tracked when the DA Investigation Unit found out about her payout when she was fired. She revealed her rape and Megan's conception as well as agreed to testify, but pleaded the office to not reveal Megan's inheritance, as she grew up to be successful in her life. She also came to the precinct and gave her account of being raped, which was compared to Nina's and found to be almost indentical, which made it admissible in court. Family attorney Jason Whitaker tries to throw the testimony out, but it ends up being admitted regardless.

Megan's told the truth at her job, and although she'd devastated for her mother and herself, she takes her own buccal cheek swab and offers it to be tested to confirm for paternity. With Nina's and the Lonegans' testimonies, as well as Eleanor bungling the attempted defense of Gabriel being diagnosed with Asperger's, Gabriel is convicted of rape and sentenced accordingly. (TBJ: "Day")