Julie Feldman
Julie Feldman
Name Julie Feldman
Pathology Alleged murderer
Family Unnamed parents
Sara Lindstrom (sister)
Larry Feldman (husband; deceased)
Ricky Feldman (son)
Sophie Feldman (daughter)
Status Alive
Actor Jenna Stern
First Appearance "Crazy"

Julie Feldman (née Lindsrom) was the sister of Sara Lindstrom and the mother of Ricky and Sophie Feldman.


Julie planned to divorce her husband Larry due to him having an affair, but she was losing in the custody battle due to Larry having the assistance of a relative of the judge. Julie also reported to a nurse that Larry had sexually abused Sophie, which the nurse seemed to agree with. When Dr. Charles Webb went to a bar mitzvah, Sara told Webb about Julie's custody battle. Webb attempted to impress Sara, who he was in love with, by having Officer Michael Stovic kill Larry.

When Detectives Eames and Goren interviewed Julie, she showed her disgust in Larry's murder, saying how the killer just left Larry's corpse in the bathroom for her children to see. Despite this, Julie became the prime suspect in Larry's murder, since it gave her the opportunity to gain custody of her children and protect her daughter from Larry's sexual abuse. However, the detectives discovered that the murder was actually ordered by Webb, proving Julie's innocence. (CI: "Crazy")

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