Juliet Barclay
Name Juliet Barclay
Pathology Alleged sexual assailant
Family Hilary Barclay (daughter)
Status Alive
Actor Jacqueline Bisset
First Appearance "Control"

Juliet Barclay is a woman who was suspected of castrating Horace Gorman after he kidnapped her daughter Hilary and held her captive for several months. She was later acquitted when Hilary confessed to castrating and killing Gorman.

It was later revealed that while Hilary did castrate him prior to his murder, Juliet was the one who killed Horace due to video surveillance proving Hilary was at a coffee shop at the time of the murder. However, due to the standards of double jeopardy, Juliet was immune from being prosecuted for the crime. (SVU: "Control")

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