Julius Adler
Name Julius Adler
Occupation Therapist
Pathology Con artist
Drug dealer
Cult leader
Drug addict
Family Kathleen Adler (wife)
Anais Adler (daughter)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Adam Arkin
First Appearance "We Dream Of Machine Elves"

Julius Adler is a therapist and cult leader who dealed drugs to several students, which led to some of them being raped.


Adler's wife Kathleen was admitted to a psychiatric ward for an unclear mental illness. Using his position as a therapist, Adler dealt drugs such as ketamine and DMT to patients, which indirectly resulted in several women getting tied down and raped, all the while experiencing the drug's signature hallucinatory entities, coined "machine elves". This would later lead the victims to undergo psychotic breaks in a few weeks' time.

We Dream Of Machine Elves

Adler first came into the crosshairs of the Special Victims Unit when one of his patients, Megan Gale, was discovered and linked to another victim of the same M.O. When Adler denied knowing anything, Detective Rollins went undercover as a student, with the others listening in. When Rollins is offered drugs by Adler, the SVU raids his clinic and arrest him.

However, the detectives discover that Adler is married and not divorced like they previously believed, leaving the detectives wondering where she is. Rollins asks Adler, who tells her that she is broken before seemingly having a psychotic meltdown. Rollins tells ADA Carisi that she believes that Adler really is psychotic and confides in him that she once almost became a follower of his when she was younger. Adler is currently imprisoned for his actions.

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