June Frye
Name June Frye
Occupation Piano teacher
Family Elaine Frye Cavanaugh (mother)
Roger Frye (father; deceased)
Katie Cavanaugh (half-sister)
Grant Cavanaugh (stepfather; deceased)
Status Alive
Actor Elizabeth Mitchell
First Appearance "Totem"

June Frye is the half-sister of traumatized murderer Katie Cavanaugh, and the daughter of the abusive Elaine Frye Cavanaugh.


Elaine molested both June and Katie, and June never forgave herself for not saving Katie from their mother. As an adult, June earned a living as a piano teacher. Later, Katie molested and murdered one of June's students, a young girl named Marnie Foster, and June reluctantly helped her and Elaine dispose of the body.

During the investigation, June takes the blame for Katie's crime and tries to commit suicide, but Benson and Stabler save her. During an interview with Dr. Cap Jackson, June insists that she committed the murder, and that she was abused by her late father. When Katie confesses to the murder, however, June admits what really happened. She then enters therapy with Jackson, who promises to help her. (SVU: "Totem")

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