Justin Crane
Justin Crane
Name Justin Crane
Pathology Alleged triple murderer
Status Alive
Actor Patrick Boll
First Appearance "One"
Justin Crane was a man whose wallet and identity were stolen by Karl Atwood.


When Justin was going to go to Vermont a man bumped into him, the man apologized to Justin and, unknowning to Justin, stole his wallet and credit card. The man used Justin's credit card for numerous purchases including a limo he used to go and rob diamonds and then gave Justin's credit card to a man named Sharif to cover his tracks.

When Detectives Goren and Eames hear of Justin's credit card usage on the limo they track Justin and find him walking on the sidewalk. Justin tells the detectives that he had bumped into a man who must have picked his pockets, Justin describes the man as a man with long blond hair and sunglasses, Justin then tells the detectives that he didn't get a good look at him. The detectives then have Justin go to a sketch artist to have him make a description of the man. (CI: "One")

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