Karl Atwood
Karl Atwood
Name Karl Atwood
Title Edwin Morris
Justin Crane
Pathology Serial killer
Identity thief
Status Executed
Actor Jake Weber
First Appearance "One"

Karl Atwood (aliases Edwin Morris and Justin Crane) was a jewelry store robber who ended up killing one of his associates and a young couple.


Karl, along with his girlfriend Gia DeLuca and their associates Casten Zivkovic, Michael Carson, and Jake Nathan, hatched a plan to rob a jewelry store. They sent a married couple who lived next door on a phony prize trip to Atlantic City, then drilled through their empty house into the store. Unfortunately, during the heist, the couple's daughter Sophie and her boyfriend arrived, forcing Karl to kill them as well as Michael. He and the rest of the group then fled with $300 million in diamonds.


Karl tries to divert police attention away from himself by killing Jimmy Randazzo , a soldier of the Masucci Crime Family, and leaving diamonds on his body. However, Detective Deakins realizes the diamonds with Jimmy's corpse were the cheapest of the loot. Later, Jake calls Karl and informs him that his forgery equipment was taken by the police when they raided his home. Karl demands that Jake buy a new one, which he does. However, Karl realizes the police have tapped into the phone call and are tracing it. As a result, he flees, leaving Gia to be arrested instead.

Later, Gia confronts Karl at a hotel with several of the diamonds that the group planned to sell. Karl asks how she was released by the police and threatens to kill her. Gia tells Karl of Detective Goren's claim that Karl and Michael were lovers and that Karl contracted AIDs from Michael, but she has sex with Karl in order to convince him that she does not believe Goren. The buyers for the diamonds arrive at the hotel, examine the goods, and agree to pay Karl. Karl rejoices and goes to the other room to retrieve the rest. When he returns, he finds the police there and everyone already under arrest. Detectives Goren and Eames tell Gia that she is not actually infected with HIV, and the criminals are led away. Karl is subsequently sentenced to death and executed.

Known Victims

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