Kenneth Parker
Name Kenneth Parker
Title Officer
Affiliation NYPD
Precinct 12th Precinct (2013)
Occupation Police officer
Status Alive
Actor Matt Wood
First Appearance "Internal Affairs"
Last Appearance "Beast's Obsession"

Officer Kenneth Parker is a rookie patrol officer often encountered by Manhattan Special Victims Unit.


When Parker graduates from the academy, he is assigned to the 12th Precinct, where he is partnered with Ryan Quinn. When Parker tells Quinn how thrilled he is, she stops him and tells him the first rule is "speak when spoken to" and they go out on patrol together. Eventually, they drop in on Brian Cassidy and Quinn's old partner West, and then, they drive off. At a brothel, they are met again by Cassidy and West, who go in with Quinn, while Parker is left behind, being instructed by Quinn to monitor the radio.

As they reappear, Parker tells Cassidy and West about a call to a drunk and disorderly assault. Quinn then gets a call and instructs Parker to park nearby and tells Parker she needs to take care of a personal matter and gets in a cab. While Parker is waiting, Fin and Rollins hold him at gunpoint, asking where Quinn is. After he tells them everything he knows, they leave after hearing a fake radio call made by Quinn. (SVU: "Internal Affairs")

After the scandal, Parker continues working as a police officer and is assigned a new partner. He later arrests two men, Tommy and Jeff, for sexually assaulting a girl named Clare Wilson after a Good Samaritan interrupts them. (SVU: "Jersey Breakdown")

When William Lewis escapes, Parker, who at that point was reassigned to the 21st Precinct, helps search the city for him. They track a phone Lewis used on a tram and Parker leads the other officers to make sure no one gets in or out. Parker updates Detectives Amaro and Rollins and he orders the tram to move in as the Detectives search the tram. (SVU: "Beast's Obsession")


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