Kenny Thompson
Name Kenny Thompson
Title Trey
Affiliation Burger Kastle (former)
Occupation Former Burger Kastle employee
Pathology Robber
Mass murderer
Status Imprisoned
Actor Gabriel Casseus
First Appearance "The Line"

Kenny "Trey" Thompson was a robber and mass murderer.


Thompson grew up in the projects and worked inside a Manhattan fast-food restaurant named Burger Kastle for a while. Later on, after he gave up working there, Thompson and his friend Sean Colfax decided to rob the restaurant. However, the robbery turned awry when one of the Burger Kastle employees, Ana Pacheco, shot Colfax dead, prompting Thompson to shoot all five people inside before fleeing with $3,000. Only Marisol Rodriguez survived the massacre, but he was left crippled from his injuries. Thompson spent some time with his girlfriend, Kim Evans, before being arrested by the authorities. He confessed, although his statements were deemed inadmissible because he spoke without the presence of his lawyer, which he requested. Nonetheless, he was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole for his crimes.

Eight years later, in 2005, his conviction was overturned after an FBI fingerprint expert who testified at Thompson's trial was found to have committed perjury by claiming that the fingerprints found on the scene matched Thompson's, with the complicity of ADA Nick Forster. Upon hearing this, Thompson, who knew he wore gloves during the robbery, filed an appeal for his conviction on the grounds that the expert witness lied. He was retried, and, despite succeeding in intimidating a witness, Charlie Lansing, he was again convicted after ADA Kibre made Marisol testify about his experience, as well as matched DNA found on a roll of duct tape used to gag the victims with Thompson's. However, in order to establish the chain of custody, Forster had to testify in court and admit to his participation in the initial framing of Thompson. Thompson is currently preparing his next appeal, managing to again obtain legal aid. (TBJ: "The Line")

Known Victims

  • April 8, 1997: The Burger Kastle massacre:
    • Ana Pacheco
    • Adriane Iberra
    • Max Loeb
    • Jose Ruiz
    • Marisol Rodriguez (survived, but was left crippled)
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