Kevin Brown
Name Kevin Brown
Pathology Kidnapper
Sexual assailant
Family Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
Diane Brown (sister)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Jim Schubin
First Appearance "Missing"

Kevin Brown is a pedophile who kidnapped a young girl named Bailey Shaw.

History[edit | edit source]

After the death of her son Emerson, a woman named Rowan Mauer kidnapped Brown from a playground and raised him as her own child. Kevin eventually grew up to become a pedophile. In 2019, after spotting a girl named Bailey Shaw, Kevin abducted her, taking off her clothes and hugging her tightly, but stopping when Bailey told him to do so. Afterwards, he left her in the trunk of a car and left.

After interrogating many suspects, the Special Victims Unit identified Brown after Bailey said he was wearing yellow and surveillance footage caught him near Bailey while wearing a yellow scarf. Kevin is arrested, but eventually, the detectives discover that Kevin was abducted by Rowan when his sister Diane took him to the playground. After Lieutenant Benson confronts Kevin in his cell, Kevin angrily denies this, claiming he is Emerson and tells her to go away. (SVU: "Missing")

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