Kevin Drucker
Kevin Drucker
Name Kevin Drucker
Occupation Real-Estate Broker
Pathology Murderer
Family Unnamed wife
Unnamed ex-wife
Patterson Drucker (son)
Status Imprisoned
Actor William Sadler
First Appearance "Life Line"

Kevin Drucker is a former real-estate broker from Wyandach, Long Island.

After he divorced his first wife and married a younger woman, he and his son Patterson had a falling out. Patterson soon went the way of far too many troubled teenagers, getting mixed up in drugs. After getting arrested, Patterson was sentenced to serve between two and eight years at Sing Sing, where he came in contact with the members of the Locotes Doces gang. They found out about his father and used him to extort Drucker into smuggling disposable cellphones into prison. Later, Drucker was extorted into killing journalist Teresa Richter, who was writing a story about the gang's prostitution of underage girls. (L&O: "Life Line")

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