Kevin O'Donnell
Name Kevin O'Donnell
Affiliation Our Special Love (OSL)
Pathology Pedophile
Proxy rapist
Proxy statutory rapist
Statutory rapist
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Garret Dillahunt
First Appearance "Hardwired"

Kevin O'Donnell was the head of Our Special Love, a civil rights group for pedophiles.


Prior to his arrest, O'Donnell had a sexual relationship with a minor that lasted until she reached puberty, and charges were never filed. After it was discovered that he had a flash drive containing 1,600 obscene images of children, he was arrested for possession and accessory to the rape of Cory Santiago, committed by fellow OSL member Thomas Banks. O'Donnell was found guilty on all charges and sentenced to over 3,000 years in prison. (SVU: "Hardwired")