Kevin Walker
Kevin Walker
Name Kevin James Walker
Pathology Schizophrenic
Family Julia Walker (ex-wife)
Tate Walker (son)
Status Institutionalized
Actor Leland Orser
First Appearance "Coerced"

Kevin James Walker is a schizophrenic man who abducted a boy, Adam Forbes, under the delusion that he was his son Tate. He also stabbed a grocer named Lester Hale before he was arrested.


The true reason behind Kevin's actions is due to a bad experience at a psychiatric facility called Jackson Manor, whose staff were inept and negligent towards their patients. The head of the staff, Randall Haber, deliberately cut off Kevin's medication and discharged him from the facility to prevent him from testifying about the circumstances of the death of Kevin's neighbor Martha Davis. Martha died due to severe heatstroke after Haber refused to turn on the air conditioning in her system because she wouldn't pay extra for it. Haber ordered the staff to cut her wrists, which Kevin overheard, and label her death as a suicide. Because Kevin refused to keep quiet about it, Haber withheld his medication and discharged him, while committing fraud by doing paperwork that said Kevin was still a patient at the facility.

Because of these events, Haber was responsible for all of Kevin's actions, including the murder of Lester Hale. When Benson and Stabler arrest Haber for fraud and the murders of Martha and Lester, Novak reaches out a deal with Kevin, providing him with his medication that will allow him to keep at bay while he testifies against Haber. Folllowing Haber's imprisonment, Kevin is committed to the Mid-Hudson Psychiatric Hospital, where he will continue his recover as part of the deal with Novak. Stabler, in an act of selflessness, brought over Kevin's ex-wife Julia and the real Tate to visit, so that they can see how well Kevin is doing, much to Kevin's delight. He also brings him a camera to get a new picture of his son as his old one was thrown out by Jackson Manor.

Known Victims

  • October 16, 2003:
    • Adam Forbes (kidnapped; was rescued)
    • The grocery store stabbings:
      • Emilio Vasquez (stabbed in the stomach; survived)
      • Lester Hale (stabbed repeatedly in the chest and killed)