"Kid Pro Quo"
L&O, Episode 13.20
Production number: E3325
First aired: 30 April 2003
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Written By
Eric Overmyer & Roz Weinman

Directed By
David Platt


The murder of an admissions director of a private school leads the detectives to investigate a pair of angry parents whose children were denied admission, but then set their sights on the headmaster when they discover that the victim was about to go public with the denied admissions.


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Jack McCoy: My mother shoved a box of Crayolas in my pocket, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my lunch box, and sent me on my way.
Serena Southerlyn: Sometimes I wonder how much of this is really for the kids' education and how much is just stroking their egos.
Ed Green: (about legacy admissions): It's like affirmative action for white folks. Ain't that how George W. got into Yale, 'cause his daddy went there?
(About Wyatt Scofield)
Ed Green: Waters is right, he is a condescending bastard. I wanted to kill him myself.
Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers: This woman had an oophorectomy.
Lennie Briscoe: You mean she had her oophers removed?
Cantor (as he hands Briscoe a polaroid of the victim): For your book of memories.
Jack McCoy: It's the American way. Yesterday's robber baron is tomorrow's philanthropist.
Serena Southerlyn: What you're really trying to say is that cash trumps merit every time.
Arthur Branch: And twice on Sundays.
Lennie Briscoe: Hell hath no fury like a mother scorned.
Lennie Briscoe: Those crime scene guys are highly overrated. The problem is, they all think they're cops.
Lennie Briscoe: (to a little girl that thinks he and Green are clowns) Do we look like clowns to you? Don't answer that.

Background information and notes

  • The indoor scenes of The Knowles School were filmed at The Marymount School of New York.

Episode scene cards

1 2 3

Office of
Dr. Marlan Shore
239 West 89th Street
Monday, February 18

Bloom Rehabilitation Clinic
689 Lexington Avenue
Monday, February 18

Admissions Office
The Knowles School
172 East 87th Street
Tuesday, February 19

4 5 6

Apartment of
Marvin Waters
216 West 135th Street
Tuesday, February 19

Apartment of
Wyatt Scofield
1010 Fifth Avenue
Wednesday, February 20

Three Circle Films
1620 Broadway
Thursday, March 1

7 8

Fitzgerald Holding Company
128 Broadway
Monday, March 5

Supreme Court
Trial Part 27
Wednesday, April 17

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