Law and Order

Kim Greylek (born November 23, 1979) is an Assistant District Attorney assigned to the Special Victims Unit, following Casey Novak who had her license suspended for three years following her conduct during the Chester Lake trial. Under the purview of the U.S. Department of Justice's Office on Violence Against Women, she handled cases relating to women's rights and abuse in Washington D.C.; her colleagues back there gave her the nickname "The Crusader", a nickname which she was extremely proud and fond of.

Perhaps due to the circumstances under which she was hired (Novak was censured for violating Brady rules in a trial involving Detective Chester Lake), Greylek took on a tougher line with the Special Victims Unit, even mentioning Novak's actions in one episode.

As of episode 15 of Season 10, Greylek has returned to Washington, DC; Alexandra Cabot returned to fill in for her as interim ADA for the Special Victims Unit. Cabot explained that a change in the administration in the DA's office was the reason for Greylek leaving, returning to work with the Justice Department, and Cabot returning.


Not much is known about Greylek's personal life but in the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Unofficial Companion, it is stated by Michaela McManus that Greylek and her husband had a rift in their relationship and separated.

Wanting to make a difference in her life, Greylek moved to New York in 2008 and started working for the Special Victims Unit as the assigned assistant district attorney to the precinct. However, Greylek returned to Washington D.C. in 2009 and returned to her previous career.


Greylek was a tough but determined ADA, who often hated being excluded by her co-workers and was often firm in the courtroom and the squad room, particularly with criminals and their lawyers. Despite this, she always remained persistent about charging criminals and sometimes became upset or disturbed by certain criminals, particularly serial rapists and child molesters. Her tough attitude, however, often subjected her to angry or upset reactions from criminals and suspects, which once resulted in one woman physically assaulting Greylek in the courtroom after she made a comment about the woman's grandchild, causing Greylek to bleed from the neck. Greylek also had a strong ambition to charge a rape as a hate crime while as an assistant district attorney, but was never able to do so. (SVU: "Trials")


  • She is the shortest serving main character in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and the fourth shortest serving main character in the Law & Order franchise on a show with more than one season, after Carmen Riley, Nick Falco and Nola Falacci and following Richard and Angela Wheatley at fifth place. Alongside that, she is the only main character in SVU to appear in only one season.
  • Greylek's original name was Polly Sturges.
  • Kim Greylek is the only main character in SVU to not appear in a guest or recurring role.
  • Greylek is the only main character in the franchise to be credited in the main cast after leaving the series she starred in.