L&O, Episode 16.20
Production number: 16018
First aired: 3 May 2006
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Jonathan Prescott
Written By
David Slack

Directed By
Don Scardino


After her identity is revealed in a newspaper article by a political figure, an undercover police officer is suddenly murdered and the detectives will have to go through extreme measures to locate the person responsible for the crime. Eventually the detectives track down the killer and he shoots a SWAT officer (his armor catches it and saves him) before being shot by Fontana who doesn't kill him. Green and Fontana question the killer and while he admits to the crime, he reveals he found out what she was in the newspaper. Eventually its revealed that Eric Lund revealed this fact to the press as a political tactic. Originally McCoy is reluctant to have him arrested, but after Lund basically threatens him, he has him charged with manslaughter. Evidence is found that apparently clears Lund's name and he uses it to try to ruin McCoy's reputation. Eventually its revealed that the hard drive was tampered with under Lund's influence to clear his name with threats of ruining someone's career. McCoy adds charges in addition to the manslaughter charge and offers 20 years in prison with the only way he could get less time by talking about his Congressman Prescott possible illegal activities. Eventually the congressman pushes him to take a plea of 15 years in return for McCoy not pursuing him which he agrees to.


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Jonathan Prescott: Who do you think you are, McCoy? And just who the hell do you think you're talking to?
Jack McCoy: Someone who lets other people do their dirty work.

Democracy is still the worst form of government, except for all the others.

–Arthur Branch

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WNYJ Television Stuidio
575 West 52nd Street
Wednesday, February 2

Arraignment Court
Part 17
Friday, February 4

Supreme Court
Trial Part 74
Monday, April 11


Chambers of
Judge Hugo Bright
Monday, April 11

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