Kloster (Mr.)
Mr. Kloster
Name Mr. Kloster
Occupation City councilman
Pathology Flasher
Status Institutionalized
Actor Bill Driscoll
First Appearance "Payback"

Mr. Kloster is a city councilman who had a tendency to expose himself in public. This earned him the nickname "Wienie wagger", and an appearance before Judge Elizabeth Masullo.

Jerry Kleinert tries to defend him by making arresting officer Stabler look bad in front of the jury. Stabler isn't fazed by any of Kleinert's questions and decides to add a little fuel to the flames. He says that he doesn't want his four children to see Mr. Kloster's "shortcomings". Kloster gets upset about this and decides it's a good idea to show Stabler (and the rest of the court) his "shortcomings". After this he was sent to Bellevue. (SVU: "Payback")

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