Kyle Beresford
Kyle Beresford
Name Kyle Beresford
Title Physician
Affiliation Mercy General Hospital
Saint Mark's Hospital
Bellevue Hospital
Occupation Doctor
Status Alive
Actor Stephen Gregory
First Appearance "Sick"
Last Appearance "Possessed"

Kyle Beresford is a physician who worked at various hospitals all over New York City.


Saint Mark's Hospital

  • Beresford examined Meredith Rice after she had a seizure. He determined that she needed immediate surgery because she had a brain tumor that was the size of a baseball. (SVU: "Head")
  • Beresford treated Alvin Dutch after he develops a high fever and starts coughing up blood in the Special Victims Unit holding cell. He reported to Detectives Benson and Stabler that Dutch was decompensating and unconscious while Beresford had no idea why before the tests come back. Dutch later dies from anthrax poisoning. (SVU: "Storm")
  • When the Detectives find Dutch's kidnap victim, Nicki Wright, Beresford treats her by giving her meds to counter the anthrax in her system. Nicki eventually makes a full recovery. (SVU: "Storm")

Bellevue Hospital Center

Mercy General Hospital

  • Beresford treated Shawn Hamill after he was stabbed in the back and despite his efforts, Shawn would never walk again. (SVU: "Alien")
  • Beresford treated Janey Speer for misusing a fertility drug. She nearly lost her ovaries due to complications suffered from the side effects. (SVU: "Clock")
  • Beresford treated Kelly Sun for injuries sustained after she was beaten and raped. Beresford tells them that she was probably wandering around for hours before someone found her. Beresford gives them the results of her rape kit and indicates some mental instability before realizing she was drugged. (SVU: "Smut")
  • Beresford treated Alisa Davies after she was raped and the perp slashed her throat. Beresford tried to save her, but Alisa died of her injuries and reported this to Detectives Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler. (SVU: "P.C.")
  • Beresford treated Larry Lift after he was shot in the buttock by a cop, suffered a mild concussion from falling off of Babs Duffy's fire escape, and suffered some scratches from crowd assault. Beresford reported his injuries to the detectives and denies Stabler's request to obtain a DNA sample without a warrant. (SVU: "P.C.")


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