Kyle Luhrmann
Name Kyle Luhrmann
Occupation College student
Pathology Murderer
Status Deceased
Actor Joe Towne
First Appearance "Criminal"

Kyle Luhrmann was a student of ex-con and author Javier Vega, and the prime suspect in the murder of Rebecca Wheeler.


Luhrmann was obsessed with Wheeler, who was his classmate, but flew into a rage when he found out Wheeler was engaged to marry Vega. Learning of Vega's past criminal record, including the murder he committed, Luhrmann strangled Wheeler in the exact same way Vega killed his victim. Naturally, Vega was suspected of Wheeler's murder and even convicted as such, only to be exonerated after Detectives Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson watched security footage of Wheeler's apartment and realized the car used by the killer was not registered to Vega.

After his exoneration, Vega pursued Luhrmann to Central Park, where Wheeler's murder took place. There, he held him at gunpoint for killing Wheeler and framing him, but was confronted by Captain Donald Cragen. Luhrmann, pleading for his life, confessed to Wheeler's murder and explained his motive. Afterwards, Vega remorsefully released him and dropped his revolver. Luhrmann grabbed the revolver and tried to shoot Vega, but the police shot him to death. (SVU: "Criminal")

Known Victims

  • 2004:
    • February 26: Rebecca Wheeler (strangled)
    • Post-April 13: Javier Vega (attempted to shoot)