Kyle Turner
Kyle Turner
Name Kyle Turner
Pathology Murderer
Family Jim Turner (father)
Helen Turner (mother)
Adam Turner (brother)
Mark Turner (brother)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Lincoln Melcher
First Appearance "Great Expectations"

Kyle Turner is a boy who sexually assaulted a teammate in a boys' locker room, which eventually led to the victim's death.


Brought up in a violent home, Kyle played hockey. After he sexually assaulted a boy named Jack Wilson, who was in his team, he broke his arm, which the detectives and doctor were suspicious about. It is eventually revealed that his father Jim is abusing him and his brother Adam. Refusing to give details about his abuse, Kyle is arrested, and the charge is amended to manslaughter charges as well after Jack dies.

Adam becomes upset about the charges and takes it out on Jim, to which Jim hits him with the hockey stick, then runs away. Kyle is traumatized by this and promises to do time in juvie hall in exchange for telling the detectives where his father is. He meets Jim at the hockey stadium, and he tells him not to worry. Then, the detectives come and arrest his father for first-degree murder, first-degree rape, and two counts of first-degree assault. Afterwards, Kyle is sent to juvenile detention for manslaughter with a reduced sentence from 10 years to three for testifying against Jim. (SVU: "Great Expectations")

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