"Lady's Man"
CI, Episode 8.11
Production number:
First aired: 28 June 2009
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Written By
Michael S. Chernuchin

Directed By
Ken Girotti


A notorious murderer is murdered himself, leaving Goren and Eames to determine whether his freedom-by-technicality and resultant fame had anything to do with the motive, and how his birthday as his murder date ties into everything.


Main cast

Recurring cast

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Burnham, Jennifer; Dutton, Joe; Ireland; Jung, Carl; Lion's Rock; McCoy, Jack; Muldaur, Mitch; Mulrooney, Adele; New Jersey; Petrie, Ruth; Roth, Gabrielle; West, Lily Dillon


Robert Goren: (looking at an attractive redhead in a suit) She looks a little intimidating. Does she intimidate you?
Kevin Mulrooney: It's the Versace. Beneath that is a scared little girl with fake breasts, a skinny bottom... a nothing.

Robert Goren: Well, I'm concerned.
Alexandra Eames: For me?
Robert Goren: Yeah. I think he's unstable.

Robert Goren: I think you screwed up, Kev. A little too much rouge, y'know, scent...
Alexandra Eames: There's nothing worse than having your makeup not right. I bet you can't wait to look in a mirror.

Kevin Mulrooney: Alright, alright! You're going to find things. This bitch can gloat, but I've seen her broken. A crushed flower. Sobbing... for her poor dead Joe...and wanting me.
Robert Goren: But not as strong as you.
Kevin Mulrooney: Not as strong as Gabby. But she's someone you'll never find.

Kevin Mulrooney: I'm ready to see a lawyer.
Robert Goren: Hold still, sweetie.

Background information and notes

  • In the scene where they interrogate Kevin Mulrooney for the first time, Jack McCoy, one of the main protagonists of the mothership series, is mentioned.
    • It is revealed in the scene in question that McCoy was about to retire and a replacement was being sought for his place.
  •  Raúl Esparza, who played A.D.A. Kevin Mulrooney in this episode, went on to portray A.D.A Rafael Barba on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit for six seasons, first as a recurring character in season 14, then as a regular from seasons 15 to 19.

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"Lady's Man"
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