Law and Order

Lakira Baca is a transgender woman who was raped by Paul Davies.


Lakira was first attacked at 14 years old after being kicked out of her home by her mother. When she reported her assault to a police officer, he told her "Wipe off your makeup and go home. You don't belong out here." She was raped one Friday night by Davies while working as a prostitute. Lakira is observant and astute, noting that Davies' car had gull-wing doors, which helped the detectives track him down. When Carisi was introduced to her as the ADA, she responded "ADA? Your shoes say 'police'," although she did not know that Carisi was a former cop. Just as Davies was about to be charged, Lakira withdrew the charges, feeling that a jury would never believe her over a rich, powerful man. The detectives discovered she had been bribed by Davies. Despite the detectives, particularly Kat telling Lakira she should continue with the case, she declined, saying that she was "turning garbage into gold". She added that maybe her mother would allow her to move back home, now that she can pay rent money. As a result, the case was closed and charges against Davies were dismissed. (SVU: "At Midnight In Manhattan")

Lakira got in touch with Kat again when she reported that Davies had raped another transgender woman, Dakota Knight, who died from her injuries. Lakira blamed herself for Dakota's death because she hadn't testified against Davies when she had the chance, adding that if she had, maybe the jury would have believed her. After Davies was imprisoned, a vigil was held for Dakota, which Lakira and Kat attended. Lakira thanked Kat for helping her get justice. (SVU: "The Things We Have To Lose")