Lance Kanick
Name Lance Kanick
Affiliation Ooo-Wee Escorts
Rainlight Raves
Pathology Double murderer
Drug dealer
Status Imprisioned
Actor Reg Flowers
First Appearance "Runaway"

Lance Kanick is a known drug dealer and pimp.


In 1987, Kanick ran an escort service called Ooo-Wee Escorts and murdered a call girl named Wendy. He was charged with her murder, but due to a rookie police officer contaminating the crime scene, Kanick only served seven years in prison.

Kanick later became a promoter for Rainlight Raves. After he discovered that the SVU's confidential informant Tito Frank was helping them search for a runaway teenage girl named Jill Foster, he murdered Tito.

Once Kanick was apprehended, he offered A.D.A. Cabot a deal for less time in prison. (SVU: "Runaway")

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