Larry Feldman
Name Larry Feldman
Occupation Doctor
Status Deceased
Actor Danny Maseng
First Appearance Crazy

Dr. Larry Feldman was a heart surgeon and resident of New York City.

He was the father of Ricky and Sophie Feldman. Although married, he was in the process of divorcing his wife Julie so his relationship with his mistress could continue.

He was prevailing in the divorce in matters of property and custody of the children due to the assistance of a relative of the judge.

After taking Sophie to the zoo, his wife came to falsely believe that he had sexually abused her. In actuality, Sophie had become sick after eating ice cream and he had cleaned her and given her medicine. Julie's sister, Sara Lindstrom, then informed her friend Dr. Charles Webb about this alleged abuse. To impress Sara, whom he was infatuated with, he paid Michael Stovic to murder Dr. Feldman. Stovic did so at Ricky's bar mitzvah. (CI: "Crazy")