Laura Dixon
Name Laura Dixon
Title Defense Attorney
Affiliation Grievance Committee
Occupation Attorney
Status Alive
Actor Amy Hohn
First Appearance "Coming Down Hard"
Last Appearance "By Perjury"

Laura Dixon is a defense attorney and the head of the Grievance Committee.


She represented Dr. Russell Toomey after he is arrested for two counts of criminally negligent homicide when two of his patients commit suicide because of a drug he prescribed. During a conference with EADA Jack McCoy and ADA Serena Southerlyn, Dixon defends Dr. Toomey's actions, claiming he couldn't have known the drug was dangerous based on the two case studies on it released. After they investigate, they discover all the studies were released by the pharmaceutical company sponsoring Dr. Toomey, Barden Pharmaceutical, and refuse to drop the charges. Dixon eventually convinced her client to accept a plea if they lower the charges in exchange for his testimony against Barden. (L&O: "Coming Down Hard")

At an unknown point she is appointed as the head of the Grievance Committee for attorneys. When ADA Connie Rubirosa files a complaint with the committee on behalf of Maria Cruz against Marty Winston for the death of her husband, Dixon runs the hearing. Dixon demonizes Winston for his role in sending his former client on death row for a murder he committed. She has Winston removed as counsel for his clients in the Pan Airlines lawsuit, denied his payment for hours billed, and is barred from receiving any payment from the lawsuit. Winston chastises her and the others there for taking this from him. (L&O: "By Perjury")

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