Lauren Cooper
Lauren Cooper
Name Lauren Cooper
Title Agent
Affiliation Federal Bureau of Investigation
Occupation FBI agent
Pathology Murderer
Dirty cop
Status Deceased
Actor Erika Christensen
First Appearance "Signature"

Agent Lauren Cooper was an FBI agent who murdered a serial killer she had spent years tracking.


When she joined the FBI, Cooper was partnered with a senior detective named Dr. Tillman, who became a father figure to her. Eventually, they started tracking a serial killer named Larry Moore, a.k.a. "The Woodsman", who kidnapped, raped, tortured, and killed young women. Whenever another woman was killed by Moore, it pushed the despondent Tillman into committing suicide. When the dead body of one of Moore's recent victims is found in Central Park, Cooper is called to investigate and is aided by Detectives Benson and Lake. During the course of the investigation, Cooper began to succumb to the mental and emotional weight of the case.

Eventually, Cooper tracked Moore down and tried to force Moore into telling her where his latest victim was. When he refused to tell her, she killed him and kept the shell casing as a trophy. Eventually, Cooper and Benson track down Moore's latest victim to an abandoned warehouse he used and discover that she is still alive. They take the victim to the hospital to save her, but too much damage had been done to her body, causing her to die. When they discover that she killed Moore, the detectives find and arrest her for his murder. While interrogating her, Benson asks if Cooper was romantically involved with Tillman, which she denies, and she says that she killed Moore for all the women he hurt.

In court, Cooper, defended by Attorney Cleo Conrad, was charged for Moore's murder. E.A.D.A. Lydia Ramos dropped the case due to a lack of evidence and Cooper is released. However, A.D.A. Novak manages to refile the charges. When the detectives discover that the gun Tillman used to kill himself was used by Cooper to kill Moore, they go to her apartment to arrest her. When Benson and Lake get there, they confront Cooper about killing Moore and she confesses. They then tell Cooper that she could get a plea bargain that will send her to prison with a lenient sentence, but Cooper refuses, stating that those who hunt monsters need to make sure they don't become monsters themselves. She then uses a hidden second gun to commit suicide. (SVU: "Signature")

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