Lauren Stanton
Lauren Gardner.jpg
Name Lauren Stanton
Title Deputy District Attorney
Affiliation Los Angeles District Attorney's Office
Occupation Lawyer
Status Alive
Actor Megan Boone
First Appearance Echo Park
Last Appearance El Sereno

Lauren Stanton is a Deputy District Attorney on Law & Order: LA.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Stanton is Dekker's second chair, she is a young center-right prosecutor from San Marino. She says that family court turned her into a tough prosecutor when a judge wanted to see her breakdown in open court; and she did in the stairway by herself. As Evelyn Price; Stanton appears to be right of center on law and order issues with justice for victims. Stanton also doesn't take to kindly to television attorneys (like Dekker's law school classmate Sarah Goodwin) who think they know more than a regular attorney. She gets on bad ground with Dekker and Detective Winters in "Playa Vista" when the child of a pro-golfer named Luke Jarrow murdered his mistress for his mother. Stanton tells Luke not to talk to Winters and Jaruszalski because he was about to confess to the murder without his parents or an attorney present because he is under age. She told the detectives she didn't even care if Luke was a gang banger from Crenshaw, more or less the son of a famous pro-golfer.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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