Laurie (Child's Welfare)
Name Laurie
Pathology Prescription drug abuser
Family Unnamed parents
Unnamed son (mothered with John Plasky)
Status Alive
Actor Halley Wegryn Gross
First Appearance "Child's Welfare"

Laurie (surname unknown) is a woman who was kidnapped by a couple, John and Magda Plasky, and kept as a sex slave.


When she was in her mid-teens, Laurie would run away from home, but her parents never reported her as a missing child because she always came back home. The last time she ran away, she was about to take the train back home, but John and Magda Plasky pulled up next to her in their car and offered to drive her home, and Laurie took their offer. Once in the car, they kidnapped her, drove her to their house, locked her in the basement, and told her to call the Plaskys her parents. While being held captive, John would drug and rape her repeatedly. Whenever the Plaskys had friends or relatives over at their house, Laurie would remain quiet. One day, when the police responded to an accidental shooting, Laurie started to scream but Magda came down; she gagged and then drugged Laurie to stop her screaming.

A year into her captivity, Laurie became pregnant as a result of the sexual abuse. After she gave birth, she was not allowed to keep the child because it was a boy. After her son was taken away, Laurie would not stop crying and the Plaskys abandoned her near a stadium. Because she had been sexually abused for so long, Laurie began to use prescription drugs and was homeless. When she discovered that her son was adopted, she tracked down the adoption parents, Will and Jenna Fleming, and tried to ask for her son back but was told that it was too late to regain custody.

Child's Welfare

Years later, while she was living in a homeless shelter, Detectives Amaro and Benson question her about what happened to her. Later on, she is brought into the precinct where Amaro and Rollins question her about what the Plaskys did to her again. After the Plaskys are arrested for two counts of kidnapping and multiple counts of rape against Laurie and another young girl named Celia Barber, the Flemings give Laurie visitation rights to her son. (SVU: "Child's Welfare")

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