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The Law & Order Wiki is a free, public and collaborative encyclopedia, dedicated to information and discussion on the number of related American television programs created by Dick Wolf and originally broadcast on NBC, all of which deal with some aspect of the New York City criminal justice system. So far, 1,271 episodes have been produced in the franchise.

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Mike Logan
Donald Cragen
Benjamin Stone
Adam Schiff
Jack McCoy
Rey Curtis
Jamie Ross
Ed Green
Nora Lewin
Arthur Branch
Alexandra Borgia
Nick Falco
Cyrus Lupo
Michael Cutter
Kate Dixon
Nolan Price
Samantha Maroun
Jalen Shaw
Vincent Riley
Nicholas Baxter
Olivia Benson
John Munch
Donald Cragen
Alexandra Cabot
George Huang
Casey Novak
Melinda Warner
Chester Lake
Nick Amaro
Rafael Barba
Peter Stone
Katriona Tamin
Grace Muncy
Robert Goren
Alexandra Eames
Ron Carver
Mike Logan
Carolyn Barek
Danny Ross
Zoe Callas
Tracey Kibre
Chris Ravell
Arthur Branch
Jonah Dekker
Evelyn Price
Ayanna Bell
Nova Riley
Jamie Whelan
Bobby Reyes
Henry Graff

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