CI, Episode 7.19
Production number: CI
First aired: 3 August 2008
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Goren Legacy
Teleplay By
Alan Kingsberg & Kate Rorick

Story By
Warren Leight & Alan Kingsberg

Directed By
Betty Kaplan


A student's apparent suicide becomes a murder investigation at an exclusive private school, leaving Eames and Goren sifting through teenage politics, an online community that is hiding a secret, and a murderer whose motive is almost as complex as the murder plot.


Main cast

Guest cast




(Goren and Eames give Ross a weird look about his knowledge of a social networking site)
Danny Ross: I have two teenaged boys.

Danny Ross: (about Manor Hill) It's Lord of the Flies up there.

Jeffy, a very young student (delivering an envelope): I was turning in a paper.
Robert Goren (opening the envelope and finding a blackmail threat): What class is this for?
Jeffy (holding hands up): Lawyer?

Background information and notes

  • "Legacy" is a descendant of an alumnus. In the episode most of the students enrolled in Manor Hill is because their parents are very wealthy.

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