L&O, Episode 7.10
Production number: K1113
First aired: 15 January 1997
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Written By
Ed Zuckerman & Jeremy R. Littman

Directed By
Brian Mertes


The assault of a family man leads to a case involving a vendetta by the mother of the first husband of the man's wife. As a result, the possibility arises that a death that had been ruled accidental five years earlier may have been a murder.


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Julia DeBakey: Well thanks, Jack. You just conceded there was no affair. I hope the jury was listening.
Jack McCoy: I hope your client's wife was listening. Were you, Mrs. Shepard?
Jim Shepard: Hey, she doesn't have to talk to you.
Jack McCoy: She can if she wants to.

Gotta be tough finding out you married your stalker.

–Adam Schiff

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Police Headquarters
One Police Plaza
Tuesday, October 8

Apartment of
Estelle Muller
78 East 56th Street
Monday, October 14

Riverside Park
Thursday, October 17

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Office of
Asst. U.S. Attorney
Chuck Rodman
Tuesday, October 22

St. Justin's Hospital
776 West 120th Street
Friday, October 25

Supreme Court
Trial Part 80
Thursday, November 28

Supreme Court
Trial Part 80
Monday, December 2

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